• Islamic environment for children to learn moral and Islamic values
  • Seperate curriculum for Arabic, Quran, and faith-based learning
  • Qualified and experienced teachers with excellent backgrounds
  • Small class sizes for more attention and individulized development.
  • Central location in the Bay area close to Trivalley cities, Tracy, Oakland
  • Creates a strong connection between students, parents and, the community

About our



At Noble Academy we strive to create a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment to maximize each student’s full potential. We aim develop each student’s academic knowledge, life skills, social and psychological well-being through spiritual guidance and academic excellency.


We know each student comes with their own set of unique talents and traits that given the proper environment can flourish and grow. We are dedicated to creating such an environment that is both faith-based and academically rich for each of our students so they can truly shine.